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The Bombing of The Obelisk in WW2

  So last week I was told by someone local that during the Second World War a German bomber, on route home from a sortie on Coventry, had dropped a bomb and narrowly missed the Obelisk leaving a large crater. It was thought that the Obelisk was a communication tower. Or perhaps the pilot had […]

The Welcombe Hills Audio Tour

For those who haven’t seen these it’s well worth a trip up to the hills to check them out.  Curiously there doesn’t appear to be any sort of signage at the entrance to the hills via Rowley Fields – if you’re coming by car you can park up at the end of Maidenhead Road free […]

Spoon Carving on The Welcombe Hills **Don’t Miss**

      If you want to see live action spoon carving then make sure you come down to the Rowley Fields picnic on 12th June. It’s calming just to watch someone whittling wood.  The act reaches into our ancient past, a fusion of practicality and art.  Michelangelo said that the statue is already in the stone, […]

The Mystery of “The Swimming Pool”

This topic comes up from time to time and is still a perplexing mystery as to what it actually is.  Part of the problem with getting to the bottom of what The Swimming Pool is, is that we aren’t necessarily talking about the same thing.  So some people reminisce about swimming in a pool on The […]

The Lost Village of Welcombe

I was sent this today by Richard Morris: About 40 years ago I joined a group of field archaeologists lead by a well known local archaeologist Della Hooke. I spent a long time walking over the Welcombe hills mapping the ridge and furrow, the medieval field system, in an effort to see if we could […]

The Reservoir Near The Top Gate

Like many people I access the Hills via the top corner of Rowley Fields up by the tower and I always walk past this. Curious, I popped a post on Facebook to try to find out what it was. For those with access to Facebook the full exchange can be found if you click here. […]

The Friends of Rowley Fields Launches

Tim Bailey has been a leading light in the campaign to end this dreadful scheme cooked up by The Town Trust and is taking steps to ensure it is protected for years to come. Along with other passionate locals he has formed an official organisation called The Friends of Rowley Fields to represent the interests […]