The Welcombe Hills is a nature reserve of some 148 acres managed by the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust on behalf of Stratford on Avon District council.

Informally it comprises 3 parts. The most immediate area called “Rowley Fields’ is not actually on this map and the two large fields you walk through when you access the hills at the top of Maidenhead Road isn’t even technically part of the nature reserve. Despite this technicality most locals lump it in with the rest of the park. Rowley Fields have been a hot topic in recent years when the owners (The Stratford Town Trust) tentatively tried to develop the land into a housing estate. The land was left by the famous brewing dynasty, the Flowers Family, expressly for the people of Stratford to enjoy as an public park and not to have a hundred red brick commuter homes on it. Sanity fortunately won the day and with the combined energy of a fresh management team at the Trust and a group of persistent locals the area has now been designated with super protected town green status which means it will never be built on.

As you walk past Clopton Tower (or the little castle as my kids used to call it) at the top of Rowley fields you’re formally entering the reserve and there’s an information board as you go up past the houses and through the main gate.

The path splits the park with Clopton Park to left and The Welcombe Hills on your right.