Officially know as The Welcombe Hills and Clopton Park this 60 hectare nature reserve is Stratford’s best kept secret. Situated a short walk from the town centre the area offers a delightful meander through a stunning area of protected grassland and woodland. The park hums with nature and history, from the woolly thistle to the yellow meadow ant hills sitting amongst the distinctive ridges, the still visible remnants of the ancient ridge and furrow farming methods. The numerous woods and coppices contain a host of oaks, horse-chestnuts and beechs with smattering of English elms. Wildlife abounds, every visit rewarding the walker with a glimpse of deer, birds of prey, rabbits, butterflies and insects. Its a place for solitude if you seek it but also if the walker treads the well trodden paths you’ll always find hearty hello from a local dog walker and an inevitable chat about the weather or if the cows are about.

On the below map are links to the various landmarks on the park.  For updates or to contribute please also make sure to join our busy Facebook Group which now has over 2500 members.


The Obelisk / Monument


The Swimming Pool


Margaret’s Well


The Tower


Clopton House


The Reservoir


The Welcombe Hotel