The Reservoir Near The Top Gate

the welcombe hills reservoir Like many people I access the Hills via the top corner of Rowley Fields up by the tower and I always walk past this. Curious, I popped a post on Facebook to try to find out what it was. For those with access to Facebook the full exchange can be found if you click here. Turns out that this relatively unobtrusive mound supplies the water to the town.  Up on Maidenhead Road the water pressure is awful.  I always thought that it was because of the water coming up from the town but it’s the opposite. From one of the replies “The reservoir is gravity fed. Water is pumped here from two sources. River Severn at Strensham and August Hill just outside of Stratford (local groundwater). Water from the two sources blends in the tank, this goes on to then feed through gravity ( no pump at the site! ) a fair part of Stratford town on both sides of the river, though not much more than that. If you’re walking up that way you can also spot the old abandoned reservoir just in front of that folly tower. I’m a water engineer at Severn Trent and know the site well.”