The Friends of Rowley Fields – PICNIC – SUNDAY 26th APRIL

spring picnic

Although we have secured a “victory” in saving lower part of the Welcombe Hills we need to make sure the threat doesn’t come back.  So to keep an eye on things and ensure this land is protected for future generations we’re forming THE FRIENDS OF ROWLEY FIELDS – and we would like you to join. This group will be constantly vigilant and represent the interests of the fields and people who use them. It will meet a few times a year and it will also work with the Trust to make sure the land is promoted and used to its full extent. It is after all land that belongs to all of us. it will also forge links with other groups and associations that wish to protect our natural spaces.
This is not the first time Rowley Fields has been threatened with development, it is unlikely to be the last.

  •         Stratford Town Trust have decided not to develop on this occasion but, the Trustee’s are obliged to consider all options for all its land and buildings. In the future, (perhaps when the Board of Trustees has changed, or sooner), it would not be unexpected if  the option of developing on the fields is once again subject of consideration. The next ‘developer’ will only offer more money!
  •         We need to demonstrate clearly and irrevocably how RF supports the Trusts Objects (Articles of Association 3.4) ‘to provide/support facilities for recreation/other leisure time occupation’. To do this we need evidence of the fields use by a wide and increasing group of Townsfolk. Our evidence should include photographs, surveys, events etc., the FORF can do all that and much more.
  •         Over the last few weeks we achieved a great deal, our opposition was powerful and clearly influenced the Trusts decision. We need to maintain that strength ready for what the future may bring. Good communication will be important.
  •         At the same time I hope we will also get something out of this, new friendships and a stronger local community, perhaps even a better Rowley Fields.
  •         By supporting the Trust, hopefully we can strengthen our ties and change the mind set!

The weather is going to be nice this Sunday so we’re having an informal meeting in the form of a picnic. We’ll be putting on some snacks and some tea & coffee and we can share our ideas and move forward with the group. We hope you can make it and we can all meet and move this group forward.  And apart from anything else it’s always lovely to meet the neighbours – and this time it won’t be so cold!


The event will be held up at the gate.

TO JOIN THE FRIENDS OF ROWLEY FIELDS you can fill out a form on Sunday or if you can’t make it but want to get involved please email