Sledging on The Welcombe Hills

Long time Welcombe Hills sledgers have their favourite spots and the hills are full of little runs which will keep the small kids happy.  But if you are after some speed there are 3 large hills that are worth checking out.

Sledging Welcombe Hills

Sledging Welcombe Hills

A. Warwick Road – Not done this one before. From the Maidenhead Road entrance turn right into the field and head over to the style about 200 yards to your east. This hill is over by the golf club (off the 13th tee apparently) which has a steep slope leading down to the main Warwick Road that runs into Stratford. It has great potential as a slope but because it’s a bit of a secret and hardly anyone knows about it it doesn’t have the ready made compacted ice that we needed. The kids complained “it wasn’t fast enough” and if you are unfortunate enough to have small people with you on your sledge trip then you know you have to deliver a ready made run.  So we moved on to our favourite sledging spot which we have visited since we moved in over 5 years ago (C)

B. The Welcombe Hotel – Technically the best parking for this is probably the Welcombe Hotel but their car park is private so I would probably suggest you go via Maidenhead Road again and make the 10 minute walk. This undoubtedly is where all the action is on the hills. lots of runs, with a particularly fast one coming out of the woods  to your left as you come down the hill approaching the hotel.  This area also benefits from having lots of smaller runs all around the “bowl”. It’s very popular with the older children.

My kids are still quite young and we were with a few other familys with 5 year olds so we headed over to our favourite sledging track.

C. The Clopton House side – You can either park at Maidenhead Road or I’ve noticed that some people with 4WD or a more adventurous spirit drive up Clopton Road and park at the foot of the sledge run. It’s a dirt track at the end so be careful. From Maidenhead Head walk up to the little castle (Clopton Tower) and bear left following the footpath as if you were heading over to Margarets Well. after 5 mins walk you’ll see the sledge run on your right (normally with lots of people on it).  It’s a wide field and tends to attract the people with young families as although the runs are quite fast it’s not too steep and there aren’t too many maniacs.  When we got up there today it had already started to get a but slushy. But it was great fun and as ever with Stratford I bumped into a load of people I know.


Welcombe Hills Sledging

Our favourite sledging spot