Rowley Fields Welcombe Hills Update


Who in their right mind would want to put a housing estate here?  It baffles the mind.

The Town Trust seem intent on selling the most beautiful parts of our town to developers.  Land you will remember which was entrusted to the Trust for future generations. The word trust being horribly misused.  I’m sure the owner of the land would be turning in their grave if they knew it was being sold to property developers.

The Trust aren’t short of cash so there is no pressing reason to sell the land.  I don’t understand the mindset, but I suspect that it’s being run by people who get a kick out of doing deals, people who want to make a good name for themselves, people who like to be see to be doing things, people I suspect who have lost sight of the reason they were given the land in the first place, which is to protect it for future generations.  Whatever the reason, they need to be stopped.

Here’s an interesting comment from the CEO of The Trust which sounds very much like a bribe to the people of the town.

“We are also committed to engaging with the town on how best to utilise the significant sums we expect this sale to generate for the Stratford community.” ie – let us flog the land without causing a fuss and we’ll divvy up the cash.  

The thing is that my kids won’t be able to enjoy this land if it’s sold off and the money given to good causes. The good cause cash will have been spent long ago.  Stratford has been screwed over for too long by people thinking short term.  If the original owners of the land want it sold off and given to charitable causes then they would have done it.  The Trust have no right to sell land that belongs collectively to us.

More info on the scheme at the Town Trust by clicking here 

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People power pure and simple.  Make your voice heard, make a noise.  Remember it’s our land and it’s worth fighting to protect it!


The Town Trust is democratic and run for the people of Stratford and the members are made up of PEOPLE FROM STRATFORD so it’s crucial you join today so that you can make your thoughts known to the trustees and if necessary vote them out.  Join today – it’s FREE



The Trust will host two Community Engagement events – in February and March.

The first will be held at Stratford ArtsHouse on Tuesday February 3rd, when the public will be invited to learn more about Stratford Town Trust and Rowley Fields and view outline options for the 7.8 acre site. They will be able to talk to the Trust’s advisors and members of the Board – and give feedback prior to proposals being drawn up.