The Stratford Town Trust want to build 80 houses on one of the most beautiful spots in Stratford.  Land that was left to the town of Stratford for the use of the people who live here.  It wasn’t left to the town so that money grabbers, career motivated charity managers and developers can make a few quid.


welcome hills rowley fields destroyed


1. Register for our newsletter over on the right.  We’ll keep you updated by email with what’s going on as it happens.

2. Meet us for coffee at the gate to The Welcombe Hills on Saturday 31st Jan at 0900 AM.  You can talk to your neighbours and find out what you can do to stop this horrendous project going ahead.

3. Attend the meeting being held by the Town Trust in the Arts Centre (Civic Hall) on 3rd Feb at 6pm.

rowley fields stratford upon avon