The Bench Project

There are three benches at the top of Rowley Fields which look back over the town. It’s a beautiful serene spot and over the years people have dedicated them to loved ones who enjoyed spending time up on the hills.

The benches are in a terrible state of repair and we’ve been tasked with getting them replaced.

The Friends of Rowley Fields committee have discussed this at length and we thought the best option was to get three brand new benches installed and then see if locals would like to contribute towards the cost and in return have a dedication plaque on the bench. So it’s essentially a shared memorial.

There are already 3 plaques on one of the benches and these will transferred to one of the new benches. This means there are 6 available plaques (three on each). We’re only looking to cover the costs of the benches and installation so the contribution is likely to be £500 per plaque.

The benches we are looking at will be very solid, made of teak (or similar durable wood) and will be properly cemented into the ground. We would hope they would last at least 20 years.

If anyone is interested in having a plaque on one of the benches can you complete the form below and we’ll put you on the list. Please don’t worry if we don’t reply straight away. This is an initial exploration of interest so we need to now liaise with the bench company and the Town Trust who own the field to make all this happen.

Enquire About A Plaque

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