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Autumn arrives

Autumn is on its way.  You could feel it today in the air.  And you can see some of the leaves are turning a yellowy brown.  What always amazes me is that once it starts to turn how quickly it is before it goes full throttle.  This is taken on 2nd September 2012.    


Now I don’t really mind cows but my dogs see them as some sort of entertainment so when they are on the hills we tend to give them a wide berth.  But today they were milling around on the path outside the Welcombe Hotel and then when we changed our route and backtracked, heading for […]

The Jubilee Beacon

We heard about the Beacon about a week before the Jubilee and were so intrigued to see how it was all going to work that we went up the morning to check it out. It was pretty much made of building pallets and straw.  This is what it looked like after the Mayor, Keith Lloyd, […]