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We need to get everyone involved in this campaign so we’ve had a few thousand leaflets printed – now we need to post them! Are you able to help with delivering some of these leaflets? We have identified 15 routes, each of which will take about an hour.  We want to get these out towards the […]

Rowley Fields ” Coffee Morning ” – SAT 31st Jan

Everyone seems to be talking about the proposed construction site on our beautiful fields.  But we can’t work in isolation people! Things only happen when we pool our efforts.  So we’re proposing to meet on Maidenhead Road at the gate to The Welcombe Hills this coming Saturday. You don’t need to bring anything, we’ll be […]


Good to see the press concentrating on the story – Strong words from our Councillor, Mr Keith Lloyd   I’ll post a link to the online article when it appears   FULL TRANSCRIPT OF LETTER FROM CLLR LLOYD Dear Editor, Through your columns I would like to inform the residents of Avenue and Newtown of my support […]

Rowley Fields Welcombe Hills Update

Who in their right mind would want to put a housing estate here?  It baffles the mind. The Town Trust seem intent on selling the most beautiful parts of our town to developers.  Land you will remember which was entrusted to the Trust for future generations. The word trust being horribly misused.  I’m sure the owner […]

Spring on the hills

The mud is still horrendous on the hills.  It’s tempered slightly by some harsh frosts which firm up the ground, but it’s getting warmer now and the dogs come back after each walk covered in mud. But the trees are starting to sprout buds, the rabbits are squirrels are out and about and the woods […]

Sledging on The Welcombe Hills

Long time Welcombe Hills sledgers have their favourite spots and the hills are full of little runs which will keep the small kids happy.  But if you are after some speed there are 3 large hills that are worth checking out. A. Warwick Road – Not done this one before. From the Maidenhead Road entrance […]

Fun Run

We were thwarted on our usual route today as there was a fun run on (our hounds love chasing runners so had to be kept on the leash) so we headed over to the Clopton side only to find it full of cows (and, yes, our hounds love chasing cows too). So we came home, […]